Vix N dwnq

My name is Vix! I am an independent, nonbinary artist who really likes to draw animals.
I also very much enjoy cats. I have been drawing and creating characters my whole life, and being
able to make a living off it is a dream come true.
If you are interested in checking out what I draw, what merch I offer,
and how you can get art done by yours truly,
well you're in the right place! On this site I have included links to just about everything
I do online, so please check it out!
Most importantly, I have a Patreon, do custom art commissions, and run a merch shop!
My shop has many things to offer: keychains, pins, shirts, stickers, so many stickers, and more!
I have also included my unique commission style/merch which is trading cards!
The trading card site will explain them and how it all works.
If you are just interested in seeing some of my art or characters, I have links to those too!
I hope you like what you see and consider supporting me in the future,
whether it be through commissions, merch, Patreon, etc.
Thank you for looking!

Support me!!!
If you like what I do and have a few bucks to spare, I would very much appreciate your support!
You can subscribe to my Patreon for monthly merch and art rewards, or send a one time tip to my Ko-Fi!
Any amount, even a dollar, is incredibly helpful to ensure I can keep creating. 🧡

Business Links
Keep up to date with my artwork and projects by following my business sites! I also post
commission info and openings on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. Feel free to email me
with any questions! I have also provided my Trello queue in case you're interested in checking
out what I am currently working on.

Personal Links
Want to get to know me more than just business? Check out my personal accounts! I tend to
share whatever is on my mind. Also check out my YouTube for occasional shenanigans
and my Twitch for art and game streams!

On Demand Merch
Lets be honest, ordering merch in bulk is expensive! Not everyone has the room or money for that.
So thank goodness for print on demand! I have so many designs in my head, and on demand printing
makes it possible for me to make them all. Please check out my Redbubble, Teepublic, Teespring,
and Society 6 for many cool designs on so many different products!

© Vix N dwnq and Berry Meat

Thank you for your interest in Commissions!
They are my main source of income as well as my favorite thing to do all day.
I mostly do themed commissions, which means I am usually not open for general commissions. I open in batches every couple of weeks for a different style. That means the best way to keep up to date with what I'm offering and opening is to follow me on
Patrons always get first pick at commission slots. So keep that in mind if you really want a specific type of commission slot! Trading cards and small batches tend to get snatched up by Patrons quickly.
Because I do not open for general commissions often, I do not exactly have a consistent price sheet. That being said, I will provide a rough price sheet here. It will have the styles of art that I open for the most regularly, along with an approximate price.
Please keep in mind that these prices are not exact, they are just a starting point so that you can save up for when I do open!
Thank you for looking, and feel free to send me an email or tweet at me with any questions!


Fast Travel

Trading CardsPrice varies from around $80-$200
Commons are least expensive while Rares are most expensive.
Prices are determined after examples for each set have been completed.
Learn More

BadgesFour different badge styles open
Sleepy Shroom $30
Mushroom Forest $50
Crayon $20
Mixed Media $100+
Click link below for more info and/or to order!

Symmetrical Iconsfront view headshot icon of your character.
Simple stylized backgrounds allowed!
Starting at $70

Palette IconsCurrent Styles $40 each
6 color or pride palette icons

Boop BoopsAdorable toony drawing of your character
with a big boopable nose!
Starting at $45

Character DesignsStart at $100
Character designs are simple and sketchy 2 view ref sheets for a character designed by me.
You can give me whatever info you'd like:
Species, colors, general idea of design, etc,
and I will create a character for you!
If you have images of the character and already know what it looks like, then consider purchasing a reference sheet instead.
Character design commissions are ONLY front and back view. Nothing extra will be added without an extra cost.
More complicated characters (lots of colors, wings, many details, many body parts, etc) will raise the price.
If you want a character design in the style of a full reference sheet, that can be arranged.

Reference Sheets2 view ref sheets start at $80
3 view ref sheets start at $90-$100
These are strictly SFW commissions!
Can add plenty of additions to the ref such as: headshot, accessories, outfits, alternate side view, expressions, bio section, likes/dislikes, etc. but price for each will depend on complexity.
All ref sheets include: name, species, gender, 1-4 descriptions (such as height, pronouns, sexuality, etc.), and a color bar.

Telegram StickersCurrently only open for YCH style telegram stickers!
To be used on the telegram messaging app.
Image to the left has all the info!
Click the link below and DM on Twitter to order!

Fullbody SketchesStart at $80Any clothing/accessories/
background will cost extra depending on complexity.

© Vix N dwnq and Berry Meat

I create many different types of art, so I hope you enjoy the variety!





Check out the Berry Meat Redbubble
to purchase these designs on many different products!

Reference Sheets

Character Design



Purchase cool stuff like these at my shop!


Created 2021-22
Kigu/Suit hybrid collab with OtterChaos

Created 2019
Cosplay Fullsuit

Created 2019
Personal Partial Suit

Created 2018
Fursona Partial Suit

Charmeleon v2
Created 2017
Cosplay Partial Suit

Created 2017
Partial Suit (sold)

Rika v3
Created 2017
Fursona Partial Suit

Created 2016
Cosplay Fullsuit (retired)
gifs by Sweet Fire

Created 2016
Partial Suit (sold)

Created 2014
Cosplay Fullsuit (retired)

Created 2013
Cosplay Fullsuit (retired)

© Vix N dwnq and Berry Meat

Meet my characters!
I have split them up in a few categories to help organize them.
First row are the Berry Meat mascots!
They represent the brand and appear on most of the Berry Meat marketing.

Next are my Fursonas! They represent me and are my pride and joy. 🧡🖤💙

And here we have...uh...this thing.

I have plenty more characters, but they either do not have refs or are not fully figured out.
I will add them as I work on them!

© Vix N dwnq and Berry Meat

Beatrice (Beez)
simple form
Beez has 2 main forms: simple(mascot) and true(fursona) this is the page for simple form!
Beez is a small, hungry, catgoat demon. She wound up on some overgrown planet after being summoned by frightened teens. The planet is overun with giant hungry plant monsters. Beez thought she was done for on this strange planet, until discovering that the plant monsters make very delicious berry meat!

Name: Beatrice (Beez)
Species: Catgoat Demon
Gender: nonbinary/genderfluid
Pronouns: any, but primarily she/her
Sexuality: Ace
Age: undetermined, but appears late 20s
Created: 2020
Height: 2.5 ft
Body Type: varied, but usually short and stout
Main fur color: varied, usually purple or burgundy
Eye Color: varied
Fave Food: berrymeats of all types!
Fave color(s): purple, burgundy, yellow, orange
Fave location: overgrown woods
Fave accessories: berrymeat, bones, sharp objects
Powers: shape shifting, color shifting

Character notes
Beez has various color combinations and visual details!
Main color/ body: A dark color! I usually use burgundy or dark purple, anything works as long as it is the darkest color on her.
Accent color/horns/hooves/claws/tongue/
inner ear/under tail: A color that is lighter than the body. Really the only rule!
Teeth: Really anything that works! Usually a light color.
Eyes: All three should match. Just some bold color that works with the others!
Third eye must have slit pupil like a cat, other eyes must have horizontal pupil like a goat!
She can have cheek fluff, chin fluff, paws, hooves, claws (on hands, feet always hooves) and can have a short cat tail without accent color.In terms of personality, Beez is an awkward loner who was thrown into a situation in which she is the leader of a group fighting for their lives. So imagine a hungry cat at 3am who has the fate of the world in their hands.


© Vix N dwnq and Berry Meat

EggEgg lives on a planet overrun by giant hungry plant monsters. When Beez is summoned onto the planet and trapped there, she and Egg become fast friends. Mostly because Beez protects Egg. All Egg wants to do is eat eggs. Where does he get them on a planet where most of the natural life is dead? Who knows!

Name: Egg
Species: opossum
Gender: agender
Pronouns: any but primarily he/him
Sexuality: ace
Age: ??????
Created: 2020
Height: various levels of small
Body Type: egg????
Main fur color: yellow
Eye Color: egg
Fave Food: egg
Fave color(s): egg
Fave location: egg
Fave accessories: egg
Powers: eat egg

Character notesEgg likes to eat eggs and his goal is to stay alive long enough to eat more eggs.
That is about all you need to know.
He is like a Pokémon, if he talks he only says "egg".
He also has like, abnormal strength? I guess eggs are a good source of protein.


© Vix N dwnq and Berry Meat

BumbleDon't let her appearance fool you, Bumble is a devious little menace. She lives on a planet overrun with giant hungry plant monsters, but gets along with them because she helps pollinate! She befriends Beez and Egg on their adventure to safety. She may be protected by the monsters, but she misses flowers that don't try to eat her friends. She collects objects and builds with them to try and replicate the beauty of fields of colorful flowers.

Name: Bumble
Species: Beenana
Gender: nonbee-nary
Pronouns: she/her
Sexuality: Ace
Age: young adult
Created: 2020
Height: various level of itty bitty smol
Body Type: ROUND
Main fur color: caramel
Eye Color: green plantain
Fave Food: honey!
Fave color(s): blood of her enemies
Fave location: plants
Fave accessories: small colorful objects
Powers: being a little SHIT

Character notesBumble will absolutely play every prank in the book on you. And then sting you. Just to kick you while you're down.Her teeth are actually pincers, so they move and can hold things!
Can have 6 limbs or 4, whichever works. We will just say her other two arms are tucked into her fluff.
Her hands have 3-4 tiny fingers. Paws have 3 toes with little paw pads.
Her ears are smol pls!
According to all known laws of aviation,
there is no way Bumble should be able to fly.
Her wings are too small to get her fat little body off the ground.
Bumble, of course, flies anyway because she doesn't care what humans think is impossible.


© Vix N dwnq and Berry Meat

Vix N dwnq
("dwnq" must be lowercase if the font allows)
Hi it is me, I am Vix, this is my fursona that is literally me as an animal! I am a catdeer who basically draws all day and wants to eat leaves.Idk what to put here. uh, I like cats a whole lot and can never have enough blankets.
I also am putting together a Charmeleon collection so if you have any Charmeleons you don't want anymore my emai-

Name: Vix N dwnq
Species: CatDeer
Gender: nonbinary
Pronouns: any but primarily she/her
Sexuality: ace
Age: 27
Created: 2010/2014
Height: 5'4"
Body Type: thin, wide hips + tiny belly pudge
Main fur color: orange/burgundy/white
Eye Color: silver and purple
Fave Food: fruits and veggies
Fave color(s): teal/aqua
Fave location: woods
Fave accessories: berrymeat, plushies, blankets, Charmeleon
Powers: can draw things real nice

Character notesOkay theres a lot so strap in.
Important Markings: Right cheek dot, smiley on left calf, dot on right thumb, white spots/eye spots are never 5, usually 4 or 6, nostril dots optional, 2 or three tail/arm stripes, whichever works.
4 or 5 paw fingers, Always 4 hoof fingers, any combination of paws vs hooves, planti or digi.
IN FALL/WINTER cheeks are fluffy!
Hair can be tan or burgundy.
Please include the ring on paw hands if the style allows!
Hoof feet are shaped like cat feet rather than deer feet, and still have a paw pad.
I have a snaggletooth! Please have her little teeth sticking out.


I have a bub (fiancé) who I love very much. He is a laser lemur named Zernike!
He likes lasers and skiing and PBR.
If you draw us together, please know that Zern is a foot taller than me,
his eyes have a unique look, and we love to cuddle!

Art by others!!!

© Vix N dwnq and Berry Meat

True form
Beez has 2 main forms: simple(mascot) and true(fursona) this is the page for true form!
Beez is a catgoat demon. She is essentially the opposite personality as Rika. She is very laid back, likes her solitude, and being in quiet peace. She absolutely will cancel social plans. She is painfully shy and, tho she loves the people who mean a lot to her, she can only handle so much interaction. She likes to draw and create. Beez is also a fucking bitch and absolutely will kick the shit out of anyone who is being an ass.

DO NOT draw her with boobs/breasts, nipples, in sexual themes/porn, in fetish art, with human feet, doing drugs, in offensive art, with a diaper.

Name: Beatrice
Species: Catgoat Demon
Gender: nonbinary/genderfluid
Pronouns: any, but primarily she/her
Sexuality: Demisexual
Age: undetermined, but appears late 20s
Created: 2020
Height: 5ft
Body Type: usually thin with wide hips
Main fur color: varied, usually purple, burgundy, or black
Eye Color: varied
Fave Food: berrymeats of all types!
Fave color(s): black
Fave location: where people aren't
Fave accessories: berrymeat, bones, sharp objects
Powers: shape shifting, color shifting, fire.

Character notes
Beez has various color combinations and visual details!
Color code is on the ref image.
Third eye must have slit pupil like a cat, other eyes must have horizontal pupil like a goat!
She can have cheek fluff, chin fluff, multiple wings, eyes and/or mouths literally anywhere, extra horns that are straight or curl, back spikes, small or big wings.For outfits she likes dark clothes. Usually cozy hoodies and sweatpants. When dressing up, think punk or goth. She likes things with goats and occult details on them.She, like Rika, has fire powers. The fire can be any color.


Art by others!!!

click to view full image

Beez has a partner who she calls Bub!
A lil demon like her but more of a opossum goat.
Horns are usually curled, but any length

Art by others!!!

click to view full image

CementCement is uhhe exists...

Name: Cement
Species: Tiny faced Furby
Gender: ????
Pronouns: any
Sexuality: absolutely not
Age: ????
Created: 2019
Height: smol but also L O N G
Body Type: whatever he feels like
Main fur color: yellow
Eye Color: aqua
Fave Food: carrots, bananas, pretzels, cement
Fave color(s): all of them
Fave location: 👁👁
Fave accessories: sharp objects, cement
Powers: don't want to know

Character notesAny drawing of him is cursed, just warning you right off the bat.
He can be drawn as a regular furby, long furby, anthro furby, humanoid furby, some sort of otherworldly horror, but he always has a small blank expression face.
He never blinks. Ever.
He has a mouth full of teeth. Uh, yeah its there.If you give him CLOTHES, which is appropriate,
He wears...weird outfits. Like can literally be anything honestly. Usually doesn't match. Just a mess. Often wears a furby tarot card shirt of "the devil".
If footware, its always socks with slides.
Tends to give out chunks of cement to those he "likes".
If you happen upon him, I am not responsible for any discomfort that may manifest from that experience.


© Vix N dwnq and Berry Meat